Thursday, September 4, 2014

Into It. Over It. Release Video For "The Shaking Of Leaves"

>> Into It. Over It. (Evan Weiss) released a video for "The Shaking Of Leaves," a song from his 2013 album Intersections.  While the video depicts a wonderfully animated story of a dog running away from home with ultimately a happy ending, the song was written about the murder of one of Weiss's friends.  The song itself is soft and sweet with a sense of looming darkness. It's beautifully written to say the least, and the video is able to touch on that darkness without being overwhelmed by it.  You can watch the video for "The Shaking Of Leaves" directed by John Komar and Reza Iman below a message from Evan Weiss.
Over a year in the making, John Komar (the director) and I had been going back and forth perfecting this video for quite some time. The initial storyboard had gone through multiple changes and ideas until we landed on the final theme. The most difficult part was coming up with something for the bridge section of the song — conveying the lyrics (about a very serious and sensitive topic) while still giving the story an optimistic outcome. This song was written for my fallen friend Mitch Dubey. The video was designed and written with him in mind. I think he would have loved it..

- Kate Russell

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