Friday, July 17, 2015

Album Review: 'Good Job Go' by Good Graeff

>> The world of Indie Pop showcases some exceptional acts that aren’t afraid to think outside the box. There are many gems to be found within the genre and Good Graeff is undoubtedly one of them. Consisting of only two members, twin sisters Brooke (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Brit (Cello/ Backing Vocals), Good Graeff showcases their knack for writing catchy hooks, riffs, and melodies and exemplifying them with fantastic arrangements to provide an exuberant bold experience on every track on their latest release, the EP entitled Good Job Go.

>> From the opening seconds of the EP, the listener is met with a great upbeat combination of guitar, an electric drum kit, and timpani on the track “I Want That.” This leads into an explosion of pure pop excellence in the chorus as the lead guitar riff accompanied by piano and cello enters over an infectious lead vocal melody that is bound to have you humming it for days on end. This cello, guitar, piano combination in the chorus provides an excellent example of the fantastic arrangements laced throughout this entire EP. “I Want That,” which also serves as a single, is definitely a standout of this project. 

>> The five tracks of Good Job Go provide great representation of the style and various influences present in Good Graeff’s music. From the opening cello riff on “Good Touch” with hints of baroque pop to the folky sing-song atmosphere of “Catch 22,” Good Graeff has done a fantastic job of blending together the various genres that have helped craft them into the unique act they are.

>> My only complaint of this release is that I wish it were a full-length album. With each song having its own individual identity and fantastic energy, not a moment of Good Job Go feels dragged on, which makes this EP fly by. In a way, that is the brilliance of Good Job Go as it leaves you wanting more and serves as a fantastic introduction for new listeners of the duo. Until Good Graeff decide to head back into the studio to record new material, Good Job Go will absolutely have listeners eager to hear what is next for the twin sister act that is on the verge of no longer being one of indie pops best kept secrets, but instead being full fledged stars.

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