Monday, July 20, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: "Wither" by Sink In

    Photo by Paul De La Rosa

>> We have a treat for you today. The Music Obsession has the honor of exclusively premiering Sink In's video for "Wither," the band's first single from their forthcoming debut EP! If you haven't heard the name Sink In yet, you sure will soon. This pop-punk band from Hershey, Pennsylvania is doing everything right by creating awe striking live performances as well as recorded material. This music video is no exception. Even if you never have a chance to see them live (for your sake, I really hope you do,) their first music video can almost bring the concert to you. During the performance part of the video, the band is completely in their element and only focusing on one thing: the music. Honestly, it's mesmerizing. 

>> Like many music videos, "Wither" also has a semi-intricate plot. Lead singer, Tighe Eshleman explains: "The video shows me as an older man looking back upon the life I'm living right now and wondering what I had lost. But in the end, I realize that I'm still here. I'm still living this wonderful life and I can still make an impact before I'm gone."

>> It's very rare that a music video plot ties into the story of the song it's supposed to be telling, but the ideas behind both are very similar. Eshleman wrote this song as a response to his father's writing about getting older. In some ways, the old man in the video could be his father as much as it is an older version of him.

>> I've talked enough. Now just watch the video! Let us and the band know what you think in the comments below! Plus, if you like what you hear, be sure to catch the band on The Wide Eyes Tour through August 8th.

- Ari Laichas-Malamud

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