Thursday, July 30, 2015

FREE DOWNLOAD: "Favorite Song" by Brooke Hummel

>> Growing up in a musical family, Brooke Hummel quickly found her passion forsinging. Performing at local festivals and showcases allowed her to hone her skills as an artist and catch the attention of BNR Records. Since signing with BNR last year, Hummel has been further developing her sound through hard work in the studio and performing  and is now ready to share that sound with the world.

>> This young pop songstress is proud to have released her debut single “Favorite Song,” which can be heard on iHeart Radio’s Channel 96.1 and Disney/Nickelodeon channels via TWC. Hummel did her best to capture the importance of appreciating the little things in life and the  innocence of youth in this song: "Everyone can relate to that feeling of sitting in class bored and just waiting for the bell to ring so you can go out with your friends – so I thought I could capture that feeling of anticipation and excitement about having freedom and finally being able to go out and have a blast." (Source)

>> Brooke has partnered with TMO to offer this song as a free download for our readers and her loyal fans! Listen and download "Favorite Song" below. 

>> If you like what you hear, get ready for the upcoming "Favorite Song" music video! You can see a sneak peek through this behind the scenes video here.

>> Note: Brooke Hummel is currently represented by The Catalyst Publicity Group.

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