Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Panic! At The Disco Release "Hallelujah" Video

>> In a moment of spontaneity, Panic! at the Disco has released the video to their latest single “Hallelujah.” The soulful track’s video features the always-entertaining Panic! front man Brendon Urie crooning in what appears to be a church (not many better places to sing a song entitled “Hallelujah”) and chasing a woman who he can never seem to catch up to, due to rotating paths and stairways that always seem to lead him off track. Watch the video below:

>> Since its release on 7/7, the video has gained over a million views. Looks like people love optical illusions and Panic!.  Though no album has been announced yet, the release of this single and now its video strongly appear to be serving as the first steps in the promotion process for a new album. With this video gaining 1m+ views in about a week, it looks like that album would be in high demand.

- Written by Matt Cordasco & Kate Russell

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