Thursday, July 30, 2015

Melanie Martinez Releases Twisted Video for "Sippy Cup"

>> Melanie Martinez, The Voice contestant turned Atlantic Records starlet, is getting ready to release her debut album. This artist has mastered the exploration of the darker side of everyday life through intriguing pop songs, and her new single "Sippy Cup" once again does just that. The video for this song features a booze-induced murder and the struggle of an innocent but all-knowing bystander, all taking place between family members in their home which should be a safe place but isn't.  If this video doesn't get you interested in Melanie's new album, I don't know what will.
“‘Sippy Cup’ is the second part to ‘Dollhouse,'” Martinez tells SPIN. “The song is basically the bridge between the Dollhouse EP and the Cry Baby album. This song is about what actually “goes down in the kitchen,” a deeper look into Crybaby’s family life. This is my favorite video I’ve done so far. Directing this music video made me very excited to direct videos for every single song on the album. I can’t wait to continue telling the story of the album in every way possible.” (Source)

>> Watch the twisted drama directed by Martinez unfold below.

>> Cry Baby will be released August 14th through Atlantic and the album is currently available for pre-order through iTunes. You'll instantly get "Carousel," "Dollhouse," "Pity Party," "Soap," and "Sippy Cup" as instant gratification tracks when you pre-order, so get going! You can also pre-order a physical copy here

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