Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get Hyped: Bamboozle 09

>>The AP Tour (featuring 3OH!3, A Rocket to the Moon, The Maine, Hit the Lights, and Family Force 5) has a show on May 2nd at The Town Ballroom in Buffalo, NY. You're probably asking yourself, Why is that important? or Why not mention any of the other dates? WELL, It's not that I'm biased towards how amazing New York is, even though it's a common fact, but this year's Bamboozle Festival is on Saturday, May 2nd and Sunday, May 3rd. Of course, any band playing on May 2nd's AP Tour date couldn't possibly be playing at Bamboozle at the same time. From this, I've concluded that 3oh!3 and A Rocket To The Moon (the 2 bands playing Bamboozle as well) must be playing on Sunday, May 3rd, confirming what I'd already been told about the date Rocket was gonna play. Crazy how I put 2 & 2 together & got 4, right? (Super lame, I know, but I can't use the 2&2 phrase without saying I got 4; It doesn't make sense to me otherwise. I mean, sure you can put 2&2 together, but what does that matter if you got something like 30487? It's a phrase that you have to be specific with, otherwise it just sounds wrong. But then again, nobody aside from me feels like completing the sentence. Oh well.)
>Speaking of bands playing on Sunday, my 2nd favorite band of all time Taking Back Sunday posted a blog entry on December 19 stating the following:
We have just been added to the Bamboozle 09 lineup for Rutherford, NJ on May 3. We are really excited to play with No Doubt and a bunch of our friends. Don't miss it!
Oh, I would never miss that. Neither Should You! Trust me, and I don't care if you live in Guam, heading out to Jersey fer Bamboozle will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.. concert wise, at least :: As you can tell, it's obsession-worthy. & I feel like I figured out someone who was playing on Saturday, but I can't remember. More to write about later, I guess.


>>Strikes Again is one of the bands that found me recently, and I love their sound. The female vocalist, Aria, has an incredible voice that flows perfectly with the male part taken care of by Adam. Song wise, I'd suggest "Go On" & "Revenge of the Synth". Their upbeat, fun-loving vibe just puts you in a good mood. Check them out, and shoot them a message telling them I sent you, and that you love their stuff. Because, odds are, you will :]

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