Friday, October 1, 2010

Kelsey Trades "Chaos" for a Bright Future

>> Earlier today, Kelsey from Kelsey and The Chaos posted an announcement on Twitter stating that she has "decided to take [her] life and music in a different direction." You can see the entire statement below, or by clicking here.
Trading Chaos for a Bright Future:

To all of the BEST and most BAD ASS human beings living on this planet (that would be our amazing fans). I wanted to let you know that after 2.5 years, a lot of fun, some great tours and a whole lot of chaos I have decided to take my life and music in a different direction. The band (the chaos!) have gone to pursue other things for right now. Some of them are attending college, some pursuing other musical projects. I've always been a big fan of pop music, everything from the Jackson 5 to of course Gwen Stefani, P!nk, Madonna and so on. Over the last year I pulled KATC more in that direction as evident with our latest song, "Life Goes On". However, it would be my mistake not to realize that although KATC was a lot of fun, it's not the right vehicle for my pursuit of pop music. I am very excited to tell you that this is not the end but only the beginning of the journey! With the departure from the chaos I will now be recording new music, playing and touring starting late this year under the name Kelsey! In the future, the chaos may get together and play a show or record some music- who knows, but for now I will be doing Kelsey minus the chaos! In the coming weeks I will have some new music for you to hear and I really would like your feedback and support. It's a little
scary being a young girl out on my own now and I'll need my friends and fans support to make this happen. Please write to me and stay in touch I want to hear from ALL of you!

I love you all so much!

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*Updated 10/2/10:

>> Kelsey has now posted a video discussing plans for her solo career. Watch it below.

>> Nick Rotunno, the drummer of Kelsey and the Chaos, has posted his feelings on the matter. You can view his statement below, or by clicking here.
moving on from the chaos
Now that the announcement has been publicly made of Kelsey breaking away from The Chaos, I feel that it would be unfair to our friends and fans if I did not lay the project to rest as well.
Finding out Kelsey was ready to move on without the band was a very tough pill to swallow, after having just come off of our most successful tour yet. Our future was bright, and I think we all had the highest of aspirations for the band.
Unfortunately, when members of the same band don’t see eye to eye on where the band should go next, there is bound to be trouble. As Kelsey said, she is in the market for extreme pop music, which in most cases does not require live drums, bass, guitar, etc. It also doesn’t leave room for us to collaborate with her on writing, as our instruments are not as important as they once were to our sound.
That being said, Corey, Tyler and I are all on to great things. Corey (@coreychenzo) will be continuing to play music, Tyler (@tylerlyons) is currently studying at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and I (@nickrotunno) am moving on to a new chapter of my life as well. All of you have changed our lives and we hope that our friendships we have made will follow us throughout our lives and musical careers.
I wish Kelsey the best, and you may even see one or all of the chaos playing shows with her sometime in the future.
All and all, I thank each and every one of you for ever listening, loving, hating, or indifference to anything we ever did. To anyone who came to a show, bought merch, illegally downloaded our music, facebooked us, you have made our lives and the existence of our band that much better. We would have not gotten to where we did without your support. Eternally, thank you.
-Nick Rotunno

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