Thursday, September 12, 2013

Album Review: The Maybe Boys - Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers - The Maybe Boys 
If you like: The Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, Jack White, The Strokes

>> Within the first thirty seconds of listening to "Tell The Teller" - the opening track on Toy Soldier’s full length album The Maybe Boys I found myself transported to a rockabilly barn dance paradise. It’s obvious that these Philly boys really do know how to rock - and rock in that homegrown Americana way that a lot of us rarely get to experience; but once you do the feeling worms it’s way in to your feet and makes a permanent residence.

>> The Maybe Boys gives you a taste of what Americana means - blue jeans, whiskey and flatbed trucks. This album took me to a couple of places: a late night in a packed, intimate venue - like the first time you really experience music that changes your life based on the pure talent the musicians have - giving all they have to the audience. I found myself wanting to sing along even though I didn’t know the words.
  • It took me to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, a real soul and folk album to listen to while you’re wandering around. 
  • It took me on a road trip with close friends, in the spirit of Jack Keroac; following route 66 and stopping to see the sights along the way. 
>> Toy Soldiers are a pleasant surprise and a nice change of pace. The Maybe Boys is a charming, rousing album - it’s something you wish you could experience live. (Don’t miss out on their east cost fall tour!) My guess is it’s not something you would usually find yourself listening to, but my advice is to put it on, take the road less traveled and let it take you on the great American adventure.

>> The Maybe Boys is available to listen on Spotify.

Taste the band: 
  • Tell the Teller 
  • I’m Your Woman  
  • Laughing Pain
  • Away We Go 
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- Sheila McNair

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