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Track By Track: "They Always Come Back" by Blue of Colors

>>  I have loved the band Punchline for quite a few years now. Their songs are catchy, but not in the generic bubblegum way, and far from it.  From Action to Delightfully Pleased to So Nice To Meet You, that band consistently puts out great music.  When Punchline vocalist Steve Soboslai started making music as Blue of Colors, there was no question in my mind about the kind of quality tracks he would be making.  Blue of Colors released their first album, titled Small Little Pieces, in June, and it certainly did not disappoint. In order to give more insight into this new project and specifically the album, Steve will be doing a Track By Track for the album, gradually describing his feelings, thoughts, and inspirations behind each song on the album.  For this feature, Steve talks about the background of his song "They Always Come Back."

Blue of Colors - "They Always Come Back"
From the album Small Little Pieces, now available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and CDs.

"You and me- we're the good guys." he said to me.  It makes me feel good and always has.  Even at times when I probably could have been more of a "good guy."

A close friend was consoling me about a longtime girlfriend breaking it off. "You know what, man.  You and me- we're the good guys.  You know how I know?  Look at every girl we've ever dated.  It might take some time, but- they always come back."  And for the most part, it's true.  They have, and they do.  But when they come back, things are different.  You've moved on.  And that's a good thing. 

That's what the song was originally supposed to mean.  It began with a song title which sat in my head for a year, until the moment when I knew I had to write the damn thing.

I had this thought about being in love.  About how I had to move forward, letting go of the past, for love to come back.  Not the love from the ex, but new love, or just plain old love.  So I guess you could say love always comes back, that is, if you let it.

At face value, this song comes from an album that is about a breakup.  But it goes deeper than that. "Small Little Pieces" is really about getting to a place where you're ok with who you are. 

Follow the path that feels most natural.  Flee from the path that feels unnatural. 

I remember being asked what certain Punchline songs meant (mostly from Action), and I would often say something like "well it's hard to explain," when really the song was so all over the place that even I had a hard time wrapping my head around a specific theme. "They Always Come Back" is like this, but I knew what I was going for. What came out, however, paints a much bigger picture. 

Why was I still living in the town I grew up in?  Why was I so scared to leave?  It was comfortable I guess.  Life on autopilot.  But still, home did not feel like home.  I felt a sixth sense that was rejecting me from my surroundings.  This feeling made who I thought was me, into someone else. 

Time has passed and I've been following a path that feels natural, and I've felt much better.  I think it's healthy to change, when your brain is telling you to, and that's when it should be the easiest.

Some more thoughts:
  • I love the vibe this song creates.
  • The song was one of five recorded at the lake house in West Lenox, PA.  It most definitely captured the essence of a Pennsylvania Fall.
  • Harrison Wargo, who produced the album, is currently working on a remix of this song.
  • The working title for the song was "Home".
  • The guitar solo at the end was masterminded by John O'Hallaron.  One of my favorite parts of the entire album

>> Now that you've learned what it's all about from the guy who wrote it, listen to the song! Check out "They Always Come Back" below.  In addition, click here to read Steve's track by track description of "This Is A Story," the first track off of his latest album.

>> * Thanks to Steve Soboslai, aka Blue of Colors, for giving us a look into his mind and his creative process.  This is the first Track By Track feature on the site.  So if you guys enjoyed this and would like to see more, let me know! Comments, tweets, likes - it all counts.

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