Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Krewella Release "Dancing With The Devil" feat. Travis Barker and Patrick Stump

>> Let me start by saying if you have not purchased Krewella’s new album Get Wet yet, then stop right now and buy it. Seriously, it’s that good, and I’m serious when I say it could be album of the year. Need proof? Well I have the perfect song to entice the fan base of The Music Obsession. Enter “Dancing With The Devil,” a track from the album that features Travis Barker and Patrick Stump.

>> "Dancing With The Devil" starts up like a signature Krewella track, with an ambient beat and fleeting vocals dispersed here and there. The vocals get louder before the verses really start up with a haunting, angelic voice. A deep throaty chorus accompanies the lyrics as they begin to unfold, building up into a louder orchestra of voices (enter Patrick Stump). The lyrics give out to one of the most incredible drops I’ve heard to date and accompany it through an intense rage-inducing ride filled with some filthy wobbles and some heart-pounding bass. The song peters out into the vocals before building right back up into a hard style drop semi-alien to the first; faster and heavier, in fact filthier. There is nothing more golden I can say about this song other than the fact that this NEEDS to be put on the radio, although I do worry about how much that will affect drivers on the daily commute. The entire album was released today and can be purchased on iTunes or streamed through Spotify. Don't sleep on this!

"Shut the fuck up - we're about to leave a legacy."

Written by J. 

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