Sunday, September 22, 2013

Live Review: JAZMO at The Cutting Room NYC

Family Breakfast Live Review: JAZMO at The Cutting Room NYC 
If You like: David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Tom Petty 

>> On September 16th, I was invited to the first ever live performance of JAZMO at The Cutting Room. The Cutting Room was the perfect place to host this eccentric band in their premier on the NYC scene - the space was intimate, classy and eclectic. It paid homage to the artists who have defined NYC, in a way where a retired veteran of the music scene wants a place to come and relax, and perhaps see a band like JAZMO whilst enjoying a Palm and eating something amazing from the menu. It reminded me all of a toned down circus theatre - and then JAZMO took the stage. 
Enter Birdy - dressed head to toe in New York City’s own Trash & Vaudeville (the last surviving punk boutique on St. Marks) sparkling in the light and sporting a rainbow mane of hair. Birdy was like Alanis Morissette, Debbie Harry and a glam Elvira all rolled in to one. The boys in the band (or shall I say, musical veterans) brought an interesting juxtaposition to the sound of Birdy and her new scene look. The songs had an interesting range, and the lyrics of nostalgia sung by Birdy and her father represented the beauty of the city - old and new coming together to create something strange and wonderful. 
>> JAZMO’s sound seems really influenced by David Bowie, Tom Petty, Devo, PIL, Bob Dylan - all of  the great music that came out of the 60’s and 70’s, really. There was even a special guest appearance by a past member of Blood Sweat and Tears on trumpet! What it really boiled down to were accomplished musicians getting together and having a fun time - roping the audience in to their musical life experiences on a lyrical and musically stylistic tour of the golden age of music. They have a great rock sound and with more shows and tours JAZMO will really come in to their stage presence. Seeing JAZMO’s debut performance was a real treat. The audience was captivated, and rightfully so. This was truly a lovely evening and I can’t wait to see what this crazy group does next! JAZMO is not to be missed. Jazz-less? No! JAZMO!

>> My favorite quote from the show: “We’re five psychedelic relics and one little Birdy!” 

>> The band, whose members include Jeff Lasdon (vocals/harp/lyrics), Michael O’Keefe (drums/vocals/music), Paul J. Magliari (bass/vocals), Al Orlo (guitar) and Charlie Lagond (saxophone), are currently in the recording studio finishing their first CD. 

Taste the Band: 
"Heart Collector"
"Cigs and Beer"
"Sal Mineo"
"The Other Side of the Map"

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