Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NGHBRS Release Instagram-based Video for "Hold Up Girl"

>> There's a reason that I write about NGHBRS as often as I do.  Personally, I'm drawn to acts that have true drive and who constantly think outside of the box.  NGHBRS have both the passion and the determination to do different things that will catch your attention, and they've done just that once again with their new music video.  The band just released their video for "Hold Up Girl," a track from their album Twenty One Rooms.  This video is completely done through Instagram.  It's high quality, unique, and overall really innovative.

Source: Dana Cama

>> It's one thing to keep fans in the loop with updates on social networking sites, but this video is something else - this band is clearly in touch with their audience and what's "in" right now.  This video is really creative, and the best part is that all of the clips are actually on Instagram.  If you make note of the usernames in the video, you can look up the clips used in the video on Instagram.  So not only is this just an awesome idea, but it's also something that you can feel like you're a part of just by having access to its mode of creation.  In addition, the band shared parts of their process with The Wall Street Journal here.  Well done, guys. Well done.

>> What are you waiting for? Watch the video for "Hold Up Girl" below!

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