Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet The (New) Staff!

>> Hey guys! So, more than likely you've been reading every post on the site (right? Right?) and you've noticed some names that aren't mine.  I've taken on some new writers and I'm really excited about it.  Each of the writers I've added to the TMO team have a specialty, and therefore a new feature.  I previously introduced podSessions, a podcast feature hosted by JP and Mike.  In addition to that feature, we've got some others to be excited about.  Sheila will be writing about metal and bluegrass type bands, J will be focusing on EDM, JP and Mike will talk about whatever catches their interest, and I'll cover the rest.  I'm still looking to include more people because with more writers comes a greater ability to write about the artists you guys should hear.  So without further delay, meet the staff - 

The Family Breakfast -Sheila McNair

Where does Metal, Hardcore, Folk and Bluegrass meet? At the breakfast table, of course! An Albuquerque, NM native explores these genres and music scenes in the Big Apple - with a few album reviews in between. Wake up, time to Dine!

email - sam702@nyu.edu
twitter - @ThatAlienGirl

EDM Central - J
Hey all, my name is J, I’m a junior at Iona College currently studying Public Relations. I am an avid writer and am truly passionate with my love of EDM. My favorite artists include Excision, Knife Party, Pendulum, Krewella, Pegboard Nerds, Adventure Club and of course Daft Punk. But I also like The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bullet For My Valentine and Paramore. This summer I started my own merchandise and promotion group Savage Crew and we specifically work with up and coming DJs and Producers from the NYC/LI area. I look forward to interacting with you guys over what kind of styles you like, and hope to bring you a myriad of music from hard style to drum and bass to filthy nasty dubstep! Just don’t expect your usual Billboard top 100.

email - jbrannigan1@gaels.iona.edu

podSessions - JP & Mike

Salutations, dear listener!
My name is JP Catalanotto, and I'll be hosting podSessions, a brand new podcast presented by The Music Obsession. Here, we'll talk about new music on the local rock scene and ramble about just about anything, all for your listening pleasure.
I've been a Long Island resident all my life and I've played in a multitude of bands, most recently the Dead Echoes with my dear co-host, Mike Kurczak.
So, stick around and grab our sweaty, Sharpie-marked hands as we lead you knee deep into the depths of rock. Just make sure you wear some boots and protective gear.

email - themusicpodsession@gmail.com
twitter - @jaypizzz

 >> And then, of course, there's me - Kate Russell.  I'm split between NYC and LI and I cover everything that catches my interest.  My specialty is essentially good music made by people who put in their all.  I've been running this site by myself for 5 years and I'm so pleased with all that I've accomplished, and I'm looking forward to this next chapter now that I have a team behind me.

email - katerussellftw@gmail.com
twitter - @KateRussellFTW 

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