Thursday, July 24, 2008

Name Dropping 101: Jaded Son, The Bigger Lights

>>Two Words :: Jaded Son They're looking for a drummer, because they've lost theirs. They've got a great sound musicallyl. They recently added the song "Orange Afternoon" to their MySpace. It has a soft - rock sound, but you never get bored. The vocals ever so slightly remind me of Weezer, as does the general vibe of the song. The next is called "Broken Words", and I like this one a lot more. This song, as well as "Leave It Up To Me" & "Trial And Error" (The other songs on their page) are all free downloads and they have the lyrics up too! They're only a click away. :] I like "Broken Words" the best because it has the perfect balance of soft rock, a more 'intense' sound at the chorus, amazing vocals, and insane lyrics. Here's a sample:: "All these secrets you keep, All these angels I’ll never see; Scream their secrets in broken words; Pleading with me, To just be heard." I love it when there's such a deep meaning behind the words; I'm a fool for poetic lyrics :] Seriously, you can't deny their awesomeness. Check them out, and take advantage of their free downloads! Oh, and if you're interested in being their drummer, let them know. [ They're from Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania, so plan accordingly. ]

>>Straight out of Virginia City, Va comes The Bigger Lights ! They've got a sound that's completely different, and practically opposite of Jaded Son. They're just as fan friendly, of course.
My favorites are "Goldmine Valentine" and "Revved and Ready". They're crazy good, especially the second one. The beginning of "Goldmine Valentine" reminds me of Panic! At The Disco on their first CD on songs such as "Camisodo". Can't figure out what they're saying? They have the lyrics to their song posted as links under their 'Influences' section. Good thinking, right? :] To better help communicate with their fans, they have a FAQ going on [ Frequently Asked Questions, with answers of course.
*>Or, like me, you can post stuff like this onto your small and probably unheard of blog, hoping someone reads it and heard about the incredible band :] Check them out, and tell them what you think. They'll love you for it.

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