Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Name Dropping 101 ; Feels Like July and My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure

>>I suppose I'll start with Feels Like July, since I'm listening to them right now. They're a band I found on Bam's List, and like all bands from that source, they have a great sound. "We Found A Home" is a free download, so get it while you can :] All of their songs have links to their lyrics, something I think is really cool for a band to do. Here's a sample from "We Found A Home" :: "Whispers like gunshots in the air, She shivers in the wind, The last leaf of a dying tree, The hour approaching midnight, We're taking flight ; Our hands against the cold, Breaking barriers, Made in the olden days, And the tips of our fingers, Growing numb with the night..." Can you say wow? More great songs by them include "I Love It On The Railroad" and "Remote Control of Loathing For", which has even deeper lyrics than the sample I provided. Go check them out, and let them know what you think :]

>>Here's a band that's pretty much as adorably amazing as their name :: My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure ! I love their music, especially "Warning Signs". It has a great upbeat, fun sound to it. "You Equals Awesome" is another one of my favorites, and it's also the subject line of the message - conversation we had around July 22nd. So I gave them a listen, and discovered their musical greatness. I added them, told them how awesome I think they are, and they asked me to spread the word about their music. I casually mentioned this here blog, and when I said I'd give them a shout out, they said :: "that would be awesome!.. it would be real nice if you could add that we just got a bunch of stuff stolen (about 1500 dollars worth) and we need to sell our ep to make up for it... its available at amazon or rhapsody! thank you so much.. xoxoxo" How crazy nice are they ?! Well, you read what they said, so go listen to their stuff on their MySpace page, then buy their EP on Amazon or Rhapsody! You'll be helping them earn their stuff back, and you'll get a great EP. I'd say it's a win-win situation :] Get going!
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