Thursday, July 24, 2008

Name Dropping 101 ; Part 6

I didn't realize how large the first post was until I checked it over. That might be the longest one yet. Oh well, that just means the bands gave me a lot to say :]

>>This guy Bam gave me a list of bands to look at.
[ His blog is pretty much about whatever he wants to write about, and that's why I love it. He's the merch guy /best friend of A Rocket To The Moon, the amazingly fun guy I said I met at Bamboozle when I saw the band perform. Good times. ] One of the bands he listed was Ellington. They're two guys from Australia who make possibly the most adorable music I've ever heard. Every song makes me smile with their melodies and lyrics. "Wide Awake And Smiling" is currently my MySpace song, in case you were wondering :] The way it starts out is a bit misleading; even I didn't like it at first. It changes, losing that 'boxed-in' sound early into the song. It's upbeat and overall wonderful :] All of their songs are crazy nice. If it wasn't just for the sake of their music, I've completely fallen for these Aussie boys due to what they have written under their 'About Me'. It's absolutely amazing; and even if you don't like their sound, I suggest you read it just to get a better feel for them and for what they're all about. It might be one of the deepest, most sincere things I've ever read. I love them, and I'm super glad Bam showed them to me.

*>>There are a bunch more on that list, but I don't have time to review them all, plus the bands I promised I'd mention. For now, check out Sederra [ who has free downloads! and a killer personality ] && My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure

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