Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Name Dropping 101: Justin Nozuka, Can You Keep A Secret, and more

>>I don't know if anyone watches VH1 as obsessively as I do, but earlier this morning on the Top 20 Countdown, I heard "After Tonight" by Justin Nozuka. I'd heard a clip of the song before, but I never really listened to it. It's soft and acoustic with a smooth sound. His voice is sweet and amazing. The song is extremely adorable ; I don't think you can listen to it without having it stuck in your head for a day or two. Then again, who's complaining? So I just looked him up on MySpace, as I do with pretty much every artist, and he considers his music "Soul / Acoustic / Alternative". I realize it's pretty easy for me to type in the genres the artist uses to describe themselves, but does anyone else know what they mean? Soul music, to me, has a soft sound with a tougher vibe; smooth melodies accompanied by words with a deeper meaning. Acoustic is stripped-down; usually a guitar, vocals, and the bare minimum [ Like "Hey There Delilah" by The Plain White T's. ] Alternative is my personal favorite. I can't really explain it; it's like Rock music but with a Punk-y attitude. Back to Mister Justin Nozuka. The first song that played on his page was "Golden Train". It's super soft and has a vibe similar to Colbie Cailat's "Bubbly", at least in its beginning. It's just one of those songs that makes you smile and think happy thoughts every time you hear it. Towards the middle-end of the song, his vocals become more intense, reflecting the Soul aspect of his music. Check him out, he's got a genuine sound anyone would love.

>>While I was gone, I got a whole bunch of friend requests from various bands on MySpace, one of them being Can You Keep A Secret. One of the members, Alan [ the bassist ], sent me a MySpace comment asking me to tell some friends about them, aka spread the word; hopefully this will do the trick. Oh, figured I'd mention it, but I love it when bands can have conversations with their fans, or at least make the effort to connect. It shows that they don't think they're so much more important than everyone else. It's a really nice thing to do, and we all appreciate it :] So anyway, Can You Keep A Secret : They call their music "Powerpop / Rock". [ I looked up 'powerpop' on urbandictionary.com, and basically it's considered rock mixed with an underlying emo vibe. It's pretty much intense pop music. ] So I'm pretty sure my favorite song by them is "The End of the Story". It's really good, and I love the lyrics. Here's a sample: "And I’ll remember all times that we shared; For you I would do the impossible. And my dear friend, I’ll extend out my hand, when you need to fall into my arms." Can you say adorable? They are really good, and they have that rough sound, especially in the vocals, that one almost always finds with unsigned bands. If they sound appealing, check em out at the link I've added to my list.

>>Now, on to a band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina :: En Serenade. They have three songs on their page: "Mile Markers", "Come What May", and "North Carolina". They're all similar, and somehow different. I think "North Carolina" is the best one, and the one that sounds more unlike the other two. It starts out with a piano, and a smooth sound. It's soft, but not dull; it still makes you want to listen. En Serenade also has rough vocals, for the same reason as the last band, I'm sure. [ When I say rough vocals, I don't mean that the singing is bad; I mean that it hasn't been polished and perfected in a studio; that it's real and not overproduced. ] Curious? Then look them up, you won't be disappointed.

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