Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Name Dropping 101: Lansdowne, Love Letter Radio

>>Let's start by talking about the band who's page I'm looking at right now: Down For The Count . The first song they have on their page is "Make My Day". It starts out soft, then kicks it up a notch. It really has a soft-upbeat-rock sound. I'm actually really fond if it :] The second song they have is "Paperback Novelty". This song, compared to the last, doesn't start out soft. Instead, it gets right into the lyrics. It sort of has that rough sound that makes it even more appealing. They're really good, and I highly suggest anyone who's into upbeat rock to look them up.

>>The next crazy good band I've been introduced to is LANSDOWNE. They consider themselves "Rock / Alternative / Pop". The first track on their page is a mix of other songs. "Her Eyes Will Tell You Everything" is really, really, really good. It's different than a lot of other stuff that's been circulating lately. The chorus has a really smooth sound, and it almost reminds me of a song you'd hear from Staind. Next up is "Anatomy of a Symphony". It's a bit more toned-down than the last, but it's still got a certain kick that makes you want to listen. They've got a great sound, and they're always looking for feedback from the fans. I've actually been talking to them for a while now, and they seem like really cool people who love their fans. As they've told me, you can find them on iTunes as well. So if I've successfully made you curious, check them out and tell them what you think :] Oh, and make sure you watch the video at the top of their page called "I'll See You Again". It's wonderful.

>>Now, on to Love Letter Radio, a band with a name that made me fall in love. The first song is "A Place Called Home". It's definitely punk with a lighter, brighter, more 'pop' sound. (As soon as you hear it, you'll understand what my rambling means. Rest assured.) The song itself makes me smile and the lyrics are wonderful. It's a really great song. The second is "Let's Dance My Dear", which is almost as adorable as it's name. It's more 'intense' pop, than the last. Love Letter Radio has songs that make me smile, and just feel happy. Their music is adorable without the typical softness. They've got a sound that I'm sure almost anyone could appreciate, especially people who like pop music with a bit of attitude. Check them out, I promise you'll love them :] 

*>>Oh, if you want to find more bands that I haven't gotten around to mentioning yet [ not because they aren't amazing, but because there are so many!], look at the bands featured on my MySpace. Click "View Complete Profile" under my picture on the right side of the screen & click on "My Web Page", or check out the links under 'My Favorite Artists." You won't be disappointed. If you have something to say about a band I've reviewed, or one I haven't gotten to yet, let me know. Just like my new friends LANSDOWNE, I love the feedback :]

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