Monday, July 14, 2008

Name Dropping 101: The Maine, Tyler Kyte

As I mentioned last post, I think MySpace is a great way for artists to gain exsposure for their music. Today, I'm going to focus on bands I've found through MySpace, or found new music by, or those that just have a MySpace.

>>I'd heard of The Maine before, but I'd never really heard anything by them. So I was looking around while on MySpace, and I came across their page. I started listening to the first song on their page, "Everything I Ask For" and I fell in love. They're pretty amazing :] The lyrics are quite adorable. It's upbeat with a good tempo. A very good song. The next one that came on was "Girls Do What They Want". Yet another adorable song, but they have more fun with this one. They've got a great sound, and I suggest them for anyone who likes upbeat, sweet music.

>>Now for one of my favorites, Tyler Kyte. I 'discovered' him on a TV show called Instant Star, that just finished it's last season :[ So sad. He played Spiederman, and he was way adorable. I searched him on Ares, like LimeWire but without the viruses, and I found tons of his songs. I figured, he's gotta have a MySpace, right? And he does :] On his page, he describes his music as "Rock / Folk", which shows the acoustic-ness I'll probably bring up within the next few sentences. One of my favorites by him is "Let's Talk". It might just be one of the most adorable songs I've ever heard. It's soft, acoustic, and amazing. It's different than his other songs because it's somewhat more acoustic. Another song I love by Tyler Kyte is "What You Need". It's soft, but not on the same level as the previously mentioned. It's got more of a rock sound to it, which makes me want to listen to it over and over. My absolute favorite song by him is "Unraveling", featured on the soundtrack for Instant Star, season 3 (picture) that can be found on iTunes. He is incredibly talented, and I'm telling any fan of acoustic music to look him up.

>>The main character of the show, who was the original Instant Star of the series, is Jude Harrison. Jude's character is played by Alexz Johnson who you might also know from being on So Weird, one of my favorite old [Disney] shows, a few years ago. She has an amazing voice. She recently added new songs to her MySpace page, such as "Swallowed", "Easy", and "Chicago". In case you were wondering, she describes her music as " Pop / Indie / Progressive " on her page. "Swallowed" has a beat that is ever so slightly reminiscent of "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel. It's acoustic and soft, and simply lovely :] It's just one of those cheerful songs with a 'vibe' similar to Colbie Caillat's "Bubbly". It's one of those soft, bright, summery - songs. "Easy" starts out with a jazz vibe, or what I'd expect a club in Louisiana to sound like. It comes complete with harmonica and a hint of piano. It's got a smooth sound, and incorporates trumpets and various brass as you get farther into the song. It has a distinct sound different than a lot of what I've heard lately. "Chicago" starts out with an almost tribal sound. Again, different than pretty much anything I've heard recently. It's upbeat with a good tempo. She's really talented, and I suggest you look her up on iTunes (search either her name, or Instant Star), or on MySpace. Some of my favorites from the show are "Skin", "Natural Disaster", "Waste My Time", "Ultraviolet", and "I Just Wanted Your Love." They're really great, I promise :]

*>>I think I'm going to limit myself to three artists today, and probably everyday, because otherwise I'd probably end up listing somewhere around 34068720468 +. Oh, I've decided that if I can't get in a new post everyday, I certainly will every other day, and at the very least once a week. This should work, and it'll give me extra time to figure out what to write, so it benefits everyone. I think I'll stop rambling now, so check back in a day or two for my latest installment :] :]


Anonymous said...

katee!!! amazingg!!! im listening to the maine on myspace and they're incredible im like obsessing over everything i ask for by them.. lol.. thankss and keep writting!! (= ur amazingg

Anonymous said...

Kaaateee im back to comment yet again. Love the blog..ur a pretty good writer =] and btw lovveee the mainee after i read this i thought id check themm outt and yourr right they are good!

Keep writingg