Saturday, July 12, 2008

Name Dropping 101: Kate Voegele, Ludo

>>Another CD I recieved at Bamboozle was a metal CD with a combination of different bands, the main one being Emmure. The other bands were With Blood Comes Cleansing, Bury Your Dead, Red I Flight, and Carnifix. I don't like metal for the simple fact of the screaming. It's just not something I want to listen to. In my mind, people write music to express themselves; to get their messages heard. But nobody can really hear what you're saying if you're screaming it; at least, I can't understand it. If you're into metal and screamo, I suggest you check out these bands, all of which are on iTunes.

>>Another 'new band' is Push Play. I've known about them for a while now, especially considering the lead singer, Cj Baran, just graduated from my high school this year. They've got a pretty decent fan base, but there are still a lot of people that don't know them. They were on TRL (Total Request Live on MTV) somewhat recently, performing "Away, Away." Push Play has an electronic pop sound, case in point the first song on their CD Departed; "Starlight Addiction". That's my favorite song by them, and probably one of their most popular. It has those keyboard - generated sounds that give it a different sound. Some people have said they're "over-produced", but I like it. If you also like electronic - pop, check them out. Their CD Deserted is on iTunes, and they're going on tour this summer.

>>Another band you should know about, but might not, is one of my favorite groups of people, aka the band called Ludo. I mentioned them during the Bamboozle reviews, and if you read them you can tell they guys are amazing at life. Just wanted to let people know they performed on Jay Leno last night, and they were amazing. You really should check them out. They've got a good sound, and a bunch of their songs are funny and sarcastic. I love them to death, and I hope to meet them again :]

>>MySpace is a great way for artists to get their music heard. One instance of this is the story of Kate Voegele. A few years ago, she added me to her 'friends list' to try and spread her music. I listened to the first song, "Only Fooling Myself", a song I still have on my iPod today. It's upbeat, 'happy',
and adorable. She has a great voice, and it got her far. This past season on the TV show One Tree Hill, she played Mia and sang her little heart out. She is a great actress with huge potential. Her success was started, at least somewhat, by the exposure her music got from her MySpace page. The best part, in my opinion about having your music on MySpace, is that even non-members (people who don't have a MySpace account) can access your page and hear your music. Those who do have accounts can put a song on their own page, and spread it throughout their friends. It's crazy how something as simple as that can lead to a singer getting a role on a popular TV show, or a band playing on TRL. Anyway, Kate's latest CD is Don't Look Away, featuring songs like "It's Only Life", "Top of The World", "Facing Up", and "I Won't Disagree." The CD is on iTunes, so check it out if you've heard of Kate Voegele or you like an acoustic / upbeat pop sound in your music.

*>>I think that's all I'm going to write today, and I actually am going to continue tomorrow. IDEA: If you did check out any of the artists I suggested, or have any suggestions of your own, either email them to me or comment a post. Let me know, because I'd appreciate the feedback. :]

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Anonymous said...

Great blog kate!
i checked out Kate Voegele on itunes and your right i do like her stuff. Keep writing, i love it =]