Saturday, July 12, 2008

Album Review: "A Place on Solid Ground" by The Hoodies

>>One of the CDs I recieved at Bamboozle was that of The Hoodies. It's called A Place on Solid Ground and it's amazingly wonderful. The Hoodies have a soft sound, but with a good beat. Personally, I could listen to this CD for days and not get bored. It's got 8 songs, starting with "Old Friends". It's only a minute and three seconds long, but it's got a good sound. Not one of the best off the CD, but it's a good beginning. It's got almost an electronic sound with a good beat. It fades into "Elegy", which somewhat reminds me of the song "Our Movie Rules" by The Higher. This song is longer, with that slight trace of an electronic sound. It's what I call an "adorable" song, meaning it's soft, but not easy-listening; it's a song that when you here it, you can't help but smile. The third song, "Former Glory" is my favorite. I might just be in love with the lyrics, too. Here's a sample of the chorus: "But it's at the ending of the story that all your FORMER GLORY is pushed back into the light, to light up the darkest night and the blackest sky. And for every second that you spent, spending all your compliments, another little star ignites out where you are." They've got a really good sound, and this song by far is my favorite off this CD. Next is "Minuet" which is, in my opinion, the most adorable of them all. It's got an acoustic beginning, accompanied by violins. It's soft and pleasant at the start, but then its intensity gets turned up a notch after the first chorus, still keeping its original sound. The other songs on the CD are "Surface", "The Bright Lights", "Nocturne", and "I Am Glass". I love all of them, and the band is really good. I suggest them for anyone who likes almost toned-down alternative music, meaning it has a softer sound. I'm into any music that I think is good, and I love them. Oh, and they're on iTunes. :] So go check them out.

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